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TSA is dedicated to making life in America easier for young working teens and young adults. By means of providing tax saving benefits which will give you that extra money per month that you may need. Teensavers of America has researched many sources and we've found tax saving loop holes that may be beneficial to your well being.

If you are between the ages of 15-23 . . .
you are not required to pay taxes if you meet the criteria. Think about it. If you work for 2-3 months, get fired or laid off, you've paid taxes for that short time and say the cycle repeats itself through the year. When tax time comes you most likely are going to be charged 2 or 3 different fees. Ask yourself, "Is it worth the trouble?" The only way you can avoid this situation is by taking action before the time arrives. So as soon as you complete the Questionnaire and fill out the application take the completed application to your place of employment and you'll start benefiting on your next paycheck.

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